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Moving Office Budget

Manage your Office Relocation Costs with this interactive template which identifies the major office move cost items. 

Moving Office Budget

Control your relocation costs with the Moving Office Budget Template.


Office Costs Calculations

Rents, Rates & Service Charge

As you start the planning and budgeting process of finding your new office space, it is essential that you have accurate and current information on office rents, business rates and service charges for the area in which you are wanting to locate your new office. Access to this information will cut down on any wasted time looking at unsuitable offices and increase the chance of your company making the right office space decision.

This is yet another key reason why you should always get professional advice – and best practice strongly recommends that you discuss your requirement with a Property Consultant that specialises in the local market where you would like to have an office. Their finger is right on the pulse with regards to movements in the office market and they are the “go-to” people to get up-to-date market data on what you should expect to pay for rent, rates and service charge for your area.

Find out more about the key role that a Property Agent plays in an office move – and learn why companies that choose to be unrepresented all too often end up paying more for their office space.

Contact independently approved Property Consultants that specialise in your area.



Moving Office Checklist

This free comprehensive Moving Office Checklist outlines the key tasks that need to happen to make your office move a success.

Moving Office Checklist

Use the Moving Office Checklist to help plan every step of your office relocation.