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Help Moving Office provides businesses with the information, guides and contacts needed for a successful office move.

Planning an office move? We guide you through the office relocation process and give you the right information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. We show you what needs to be done - together with how & when to do it.

Go to the Help Moving Office Resource Centre for FREE expert advice, guides, checklists and information on planning and project managing your office move.



Office Relocation Checklist

This free comprehensive Office Relocation Checklist outlines the key tasks that need to happen to make your office move a success.

Office Relocation Checklist

Use it to plan & organise every step of your office relocation.


Office Moves for Dummies

This simple, practical guide walks you through the key stages involved in the office move process.

Office Moves for Dummies

There's no easier way to kick start your office relocation than this Office Move for Dummies.




Moving Office Budget

Control your moving office costs with this free and easy-to-use Moving Office Budget Template.

Moving Office Budget

Identify & manage your moving office costs with the Moving Office Budget.


Moving Office Timetable

The interactive Moving Office Timetable will keep your office relocation on track and ensures everything gets done in its proper time.

Moving Office Timetable

Identify the tasks needed for your office move & know when to do them.  


Office Removals Checklist

The Office Removals Checklist provides an invaluable framework to manage the actual office removals process and the move day itself.

Office Removals Checklist

Use it to ensure your office move day goes like clockwork.


Change of Address Checklist

This useful Change of Address Checklist helps you to notify all the organisations & services about your change of address.

Change of Address Checklist

Use it to ensure no one gets forgotten and everyone has your new contact details.

Document Actions

The Moving Office Process

Wherever you are in the moving office process Help Moving Office has the Information, Checklists & Contacts to help you Plan, Budget & Execute your Office Move successfully.

Planning an Office Move

Get your office move off to the right start with the full range of Office Relocation Planning Tools, Guides & Checklists ...

Finding Office Space

There is a best way to find your new office space - find out how ...

Legal Issues when Moving Office

Ensure you've got all the legal Issues covered off when moving office ...

Office Design & Fit Out

Top tips on how to design and deliver the most efficient and useable working space ...

IT & Telecoms Considerations

Get up to speed with the most efficient & cost-effective ways of moving your IT equipment & business phone systems ...

Office Removals

Find out how to plan and organise your office removals so your office move goes like clockwork ...

After the Office Move

Use your Office Move as a trigger to review all your services and save money ...

And at the end of it all you'll be glad you've got Help Moving Office.


Golden Rules of Moving Office

This free report outlines 10 Golden Rules of Moving Office which, if followed, will positively impact on a stress-free, successful & profitable office move.

Golden Rules of Moving Office (small)

 Worth their weight in gold!

You & Your Office Move

The Moving Office Resource Centre brings together all the required Office Relocation Checklists, Calculators, Moving Office Guides, Timetables, Budget Templates and Best Practice Guides to help you plan, manage & execute a successful office move.

These Checklists help 1,000s of businesses move office each month. They are essential resources for any company considering moving office.


  • Costs spiral out of control
  • Crucial deadlines get missed
  • Business performance suffers
  • Expensive mistakes get made


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increase in productivity
  • Boost in staff morale & momentum
  • Decrease in overheads

If you want to get things right first time, hate wasting money & time and are looking for your company to perform at its optimum level - then these free checklists can guide you through the office relocation process. Access the Resource Centre now.


IT Relocation Checklist

The IT Relocation Checklist will help you manage your IT Relocation safely & without disruption to services.

IT Relocation Checklist

Use it to plan the seamless transfer of your IT systems & business phones to the new office.


Moving Office Pitfalls

Experience sadly shows that companies moving office all too often make the same mistakes.

Mistakes Made Moving Office

Find out the common mistakes made during an office relocation and how to avoid them.