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Friday, 30 March 2012

For most businesses, creating the right office environment is crucial to its ongoing success and efficiency.  A well designed office can lead to higher levels of productivity and can be an important showcase for your company's brand.

In order for this to happen, you need to use your office space effectively, taking into account your business culture, working processes, branding and personality. 

Looking at how your company currently operates in your existing office is a starting point to establish workflow, communication and office traffic flow.  This is often referred to as a Workplace Appraisal and is carried out by an Office Fit-Out Company who will be responsible for the planning, executing and overseeing the design of your new office.

As well as the office interior design, getting professional help in areas such as furniture supply, design and legislation compliance is also very important too.

Following the Workplace Appraisal, your Office Fit-Out Company will come up with some design ideas for your new office. They will take into account a number of considerations including: 

  • Open Plan or Cellular

Cellular or private offices means more partitions and therefore more space is required. Open plan improves communication flow and help to maximise your office space, but depending on your working practices open plan may not be the best solution. 

  • Reduce Storage

With office space at a premium, you don't want to be using it for files and storage that you don't really  use on a regular basis.  Have a good de-clutter and clear out before the office move and archive anything that you don't use off site so you can make best use of your office space. 

  • Be Flexible

In business, things are always changing, re-shaping and evolving - so your office design needs to be flexible enough to meet the demands of your ever-changing business. 

  • Swap Meeting Rooms for Break Out Spaces

Break out spaces can provide an open, communal place for staff to relax during breaks, hold informal meetings - and what's more - they look great too and save on space.

To find  more design ideas for your new office, download the FREE Tenant's Guide to Office Design. It's packed with office design and space planning tips to help create the perfect office environment.

Tenant's Guide to Office Design



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