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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Moving to open plan offices can be a major change in the way in which a company operates. Open plan offices can help encourage team interaction, enhance communication, and has been found to increase overall staff productivity.

Getting your staff used to working in an open plan office can be a real challenge when you move office; not only are they adapting to a brand new workplace, and new space plan, but there's also more noise, distraction and transparency which staff will have to face up to.

On the plus side, a buzzy office environment can motivate staff to work, and for those who are easily distracted they may be put to the test when their managers have greater transparency over how much work actually gets done!

Moving to an open plan office is great for fostering teamwork, and many businesses are now opting to go open plan to encourage team interaction. They are also favourable amongst major companies because they generally allow for better use of space and more people can fit in an open plan office than cellular offices - thus saving on cost per sq. ft. Open plan offices are also beneficial for new recruits, or those less confident members of staff, who need assurance and more mentoring from team leaders and managers.  

When considering your office space plan, remember that incorporating small office suites within the office space for quiet / focused working are a good transition for staff who are not used to working in the open plan. Ensure the office space has smaller collaborative areas where staff can get together and discuss ideas so that the open plan does not get too disruptive.

Communicating your office space plan and layout with your staff prior to moving office is a must.  This will allow them to visualise how things are going to look in the new space so they can dispell any fears or anxieties before the office move takes place.

Find an Office Design Company in your area to help you design your new office space plan and help staff adapt to their new environment. 

For more office space layout ideas, get your FREE copy of the Tenant's Guide to Office Design here.



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