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Monday, 2 April 2012

Whether your business is expanding, downsizing or simply moving for better office facilities, there will be key issues to consider in order to ensure your office relocation has a profitable and successful outcome.

  • Budget

Budget is always a huge factor you need to consider and one that should never be taken lightly, as moving office can be expensive.  To ensure you don't end up renting more office space than you really need to, use the FREE Office Space Calculator to work out how much office space you really need (and can afford!).  It's wise to set a budget from the outset using the interactive Moving Office Budget Planner which will help you establish and keep a track of all your office relocation costs.

  • Staff Considerations

An office relocation can have a big impact on your staff. It is vital that you consult with your staff at key stages throughout the office relocation process. See the HR Guide to Moving Office for practical tips on how best to communicate the office relocation to staff.

  • Storage Considerations

Storage can make a big difference to how you maximise your office space. Find out how much storage space you really need on (and off site) by getting a Storage Audit done by an Office Fit-Out Company.

  • Legal Considerations

Consider what type and length of lease is most suitable for your business at this time. What incentives would you ideally like to be included in your new office lease and whether the rent is likely to increase during the tenancy?

For a comprehensive guide about all the issues you need consider when planning an office relocation, use the invaluable Office Relocation Checklist.

 Office Relocation Checklist


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