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Choose the right Office Space with this FREE Office Space Checklist

Finding the ideal office space is all about getting the right balance between what you can afford, what is most suitable (in terms of space and spec) and whether the space allows your business to function effectively. This makes choosing office space a tricky balance to get right.   This Office Space Checklist provides an invaluable and practical guide of everything you need to consider when viewing potential office properties.

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Leasing office space will be one of the highest financial costs your business is likely to undertake. It is therefore essential that you end up in the right office space that meets most (if not all) your business needs. And this goes far beyond settling with an office that offers the cheapest rent, or is closer to home.  You'll need to take into account a greater number of factors which, if considered properly, will influence your business productivity and overall success.  This Office Space Checklist offers helpful hints on what you need to prioritise when looking for offices and how to go about the complex process of finding the right office space

Viewing Office Properties

Viewing potential office properties can be a lengthy process, and can be even more time consuming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Remember that time is money and you won’t want to be trawling round viewing potential office properties that are too small, too large, or out of your price range. The Office Space Checklist will help you to narrow down what is important to your business, and help you decide what features, services and visual qualities you want your new office to provide – ultimately saving you valuable time.

The Office Space Checklist will help you get one step closer to finding an office that is inspiring, functional, cost effective and ultimately the perfect match for your business. 

TOP TIP: Always use the services of a Commercial Property Agent to help you make informed decisions about which office space is best suited to your business AND to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.


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Office Space Checklist

This practical Office Space Checklist makes choosing the right office space easier.

Office Space Checklist

It has everything you need to consider when viewing potential properties & then choosing the right office space.  


Office Space Calculator

Use the FREE Office Space Calculator to work out how much office space you are going to need.

Office Space Calculator

Whether you are expanding or downsizing it is important to understand your office space requirements.




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