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Friday, 4 April 2014

Office Move Planning

Planning an office move is a time-consuming process with lots of tasks to juggle, deadlines to meet and people to organise.

This 10-Step guide covers off the important issues needed to plan, organise and execute a successful office move. 

Step 1:     Be Clear About Your Reasons For Moving Office

Expanding, downsizing, cost-saving or the need a better location are all contributing factors to businesses needing to move office. Defining your reasons for the office move will help you to set your new office requirements and communicate a clear message to staff and clients.

Step 2:     Use An Office Moving Checklist

A Moving Office Checklist is the starting point to planning a successful office move.  It will guide you through the office move process from start to finish and will tell you need to do throughout each stage of the office move.

Step 3:    Know Your Key Dates

Once you have determined when you will be vacating your existing office, you can then begin to work backwards to establish what important tasks need to be done by when. Use the Moving Office Timetable to work out a clear schedule.

Step 4:    Set A Budget To Manage Office Relocation Costs

How much is your office move going to cost? Find out what costs are involved in moving office and set a realistic budget using the Office Move Budget Planner.

Step 5:    Brief Your Property Agent

Select a Property Agent to help you find the right office space and negotiate the best office lease terms. They'll help you work out your size requirements, facilities, and location of your new office space.

Step 6:     Pay Attention To Signing Of Your Office Lease

Ask a Property Solicitor to check through your office lease to make sure everything has been documented correctly before you sign the office lease.

Step 7:     Start Planning Your New Office Space

Work with an Office Interiors Specialist to help you transform your new office space into an effective and functional workplace in which your business is best set up to thrive.

Step 8:     Plan Your IT Relocation 

Work out the logistics of moving and re-commissioning your PCs and telephones in the new office. The right IT infrastructure will need to be in place in the new office for your IT equipment to function properly. Refer to the IT Relocation Checklist for full details of what needs to be done.

Step 9:     Book Your Office Removals Company

Contact Office Removals Companies and get them to come and quote for your business. Meeting with them will help you to establish which office furniture items are going to be moved, what needs replacing and what can be disposed of.

Step 10:     Don't Forget Your Dilapidation Responsibilities

Before you hand over your "old" office back to the Landlord, ensure that your dilapidation liabilities have been carried out and that the office is in a good state of repair so there will be no dispute in returning your rental deposit.

For a comprehensive breakdown of what needs doing (and when) please download the free Moving Office Checklist by clicking on the link.

Moving Office Checklist

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