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Putting Together Your Office Relocation Project Team 

Whatever the size of your business, an office relocation is a major undertaking  - and a collaborative team effort is needed for a smooth and successful office move.

Assembling an Office Relocation Project Team is critical - and will need to comprise both internal and external members which should  include:

Project Leader
For an office move project to run smoothly one person needs to be tasked in co-ordinating the overall office relocation project. This position calls for excellent organisation & communication skills, a can-do attitude, ability to delegate tasks and have enough time to dedicate to managing the project.

Use the Moving Office Checkllist to start planning your office move >>

Commercial Property Agent
Finding the right office space, and then negotiating the lease is a time-consuming and complex process which can often divert your attention from the running of your business. A competent and knowledgeable Commercial Property Agent will help you make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right office space and then negotiating the best deal for your business.

Find out how much office space you need with the Office Space Calculator >>
Define your new office space requirements with the Office Space Checklist >>

Property Solicitors
One of the most stressful and potentially problematic stages in securing office space is the signing of the lease. The tenant must be crystal clear as to what (exactly) they are signing up to. Furthermore, it's absolutely essential that you don't get caught out with poorly drafted clauses that don't favour the tenant or complement your business requirements. Having your own Property Solicitor to review the office lease, and make sure everything is accurately documented is a "MUST" to ensure that your commercial interests are protected.

Office Interiors Company
For a business to function effectively, it requires a workspace that is well planned, flexible, inspiring and practical. Your new office space will need to reflect your corporate values, culture, personality and company objectives. Appointing an Office Fit-Out Company will transform your new workspace to ensure your business operates at maximum efficiency. Office Fit-Out includes everything from space planning, interior design, project management and choosing the right office furniture. An Office Fit-Out Company will guide you through the process and ensure the delivery of your new office meets your requirements, aspirations, budget and timeframe.

Get up to speed with the Tenants Guide to Office Design >>

IT & Telecoms Company
On the first morning in your new office, all your business communication systems (PCs, servers, internet, email and business phones) must be completely functional. Any downtime or delays to services could drastically impact your bottom line. Engaging an IT and Telecom specialists will help minimise risk and may also introduce new delivery methods that can enhance the way your business currently operates (and save you money). Planning an IT Relocation is, by far, the most complex aspect of any office move, and is best handled by a specialist IT Relocation Company.

Download the free IT Relocation Checklist >>

Office Removals Company
Using a reputable Office Removals Company to carry out your office move will mean that your business is relocated efficiently and quickly, minimising both business interruption and downtime to make sure you can resume business operations on the "first morning" in the new office.

Refer to the Office Removals Checklist to make sure your move goes like clockwork >>
Human Resources
It can be an exciting time for a business when a company decides to relocate; new challenges, a fresh start and a new working environment to look forward to.  But for staff, the issue can be far more personal. Some staff may be resistant to change and the way in which you handle the office move for your staff can have a direct impact on staff morale, retention and output. HR will need to play a central role in the office relocation project team to ensure that staff are regularly communicated with, feel supported and engaged and can air any concerns they have regarding the relocation.

Read the HR Guide to Moving Office >>

Finance Department
There will always be costs associated with an office move, and your Finance Department will need to contribute to the setting and managing of your office relocation budget. An office move is also an opportunity to review your office operating costs with a view to saving money and getting the very best service standard. Liaise with your Finance Department to find out who your major office suppliers are so you can negotiate accordingly.

Set and manage your budget using the Moving Office Budget Planner >>

Marketing Department
An office move is a great opportunity to communicate positive messages to your clients and maximise the brand and image of your company. The Marketing Department will also need to be involved in the re-printing of letterheads and other stationery, and help organise the sending out of Change of Address Notifications to clients and suppliers.

Announce your office move with the Change of Address Checklist >>

Remember ...
An office move is a team effort, and working together will help achieve a successful and smooth outcome that your business deserves. Working with the right external professional team is THE SINGLE most important MUST DO for an office move.


Planning an office move? Go the office relocation planning resource centre

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